Yinnetharra - Lithium

Yinnetharra Lithium Project

On 28 September 2022, Delta Lithium completed the acquisition of Electrostate Limited, the holder of the Yinnetharra Lithium Project.

The Yinnetharra Project includes the Malinda Prospect, currently being explored, and the newly found Jamesons Prospect. Beyond these two prospects, there remain many other pegmatite targets yet to be explored across the total tenement package.

Drilling remains underway at the Malinda Prospect, with highlights from initial assays including:

  • YNEX004: 35.2m @ 1% Li2O from 5 metres
  • YRRD003: 29m @ 1.39% Li2O from 121 metres
  • YNEX003: 28.9m @ 1.11% Li2O from 122 metres
  • YNRD028: 21m @ 1.13% Li2O from 71 metres

Figure 1: Tenement map showing acquired tenements and location northeast of Gascoyne Junction

The Yinnetharra Project

The Yinnetharra Project is located approximately 120km northeast of Gascoyne Junction. The Project sits within a tenement package comprised of 7 tenements, 4 granted tenements and 3 pending tenement applications covering an area of 517.5km2. The tenement package is located on a highly prospective LCT bearing belt of metasediments forming a contact with a regional scale granite trending in a north westerly orientation for approximately 50km.

Yinnetharra is important to the Company’s long-term plans of being a significant lithium concentrate producer.  Geologists have identified lithium mineralisation with a surface expression spread across several square kilometres.  In addition, drilling has confirmed lithium bearing pegmatites from surface to depths greater than 350 metres.  Presenting as a large target and comparable to other areas of global scale endowments of lithium in Western Australia, the Company has resolved to complete more than 400 drill holes, 90,000 metres at the project in 2023.

Initial field mapping and rock chipping undertaken by Delta during the March 23 quarter has led to the discovery of spodumene bearing pegmatites in outcrop at the newly identified Jamesons Prospect, approximately 20km to the west of the Malinda Prospect. This further confirms the large scale of the mineralisation system. Assays received subsequent to the quarter and announced on 14 April 2023 of the rockchip taken from 404124E 7296094N GDA94 Z50 has a result of 4.2% Li2O and the lithium mineral is spodumene.

The J5 pegmatite from which this rockchip was taken is one of more than 20 pegmatites identified at the Jamesons Prospect with only very limited sampling completed to date. This discovery highlights the excellent potential of the Yinnetharra Project. The Jamesons Prospect remains on a pending tenement, with work underway to allow for further exploration to commence once it is granted.