Delta Lithium understand that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are interdependent and with robust governance we will operate and deliver ESG business practices that are aligned to our short, medium and long-term sustainability targets.


As a company, we at Delta Lithium are committed to respecting the environment and communities that we operate in. We understand that relationships and the communities in which we operate – are the heart of our business. We believe strongly that it is possible to responsibly access natural resources and at the same time implement strategies to protect the surrounding environment. This belief guides all our activities. The best mining projects are the ones in which the benefits are shared by many.

As a company, our strategy is to demonstrate a committed performance in line with our environmental and social objectives, across all project areas which include a number of legacy sites. We want to make a positive impact in the regions where we operate. Whilst planning and operating our projects, we seek to avoid, prevent, mitigate and remediate any environmental impacts of our activities. We work with communities and regulators to manage and monitor our work and set an example of environmental stewardship.


As part of the global transition to a low carbon economy, the metals we are exploring (lithium and gold) will be essential to contributing to a clean energy and sustainable future. The demand for metals to support the growth of renewable energy, particularly the forecasted growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market will be critical to the energy transition.


Delta Lithium strive to build strong relationships with the community stakeholders for the duration of our operations, and to make a positive impact in the regions where we operate through stimulating economic development and employment. Working with traditional landowners, local procurement and community engagement are areas we are passionate about, and we will focus on these as our business grows.

The safety, health and wellbeing of our team is paramount to the work we do. Delta Lithium is focused on developing a culture of excellent safety behaviour and performance


In line with our commitment to build a sustainable business, we have adopted an inclusive approach to initiate best practices when it comes to ensuring our structure, processes, and systems reflect our company’s commitment to integrating sustainability into the business culture, across our field operations and the corporate office.

As part of this process, we have taken steps to establish our ESG baseline, understand our material risks, and set a path for continuous improvement. To ensure we collect, manage and track our ESG metrics we have adopted a cloud software solution, which will enable us to be audit ready at the time we are ready to seek assurance over our ESG measures.


As the business develops, our systems will grow to reflect our commitment to develop a modern mine that delivers positive economic and social impacts. In a highly competitive industry we acknowledge that our demonstration of ESG credentials and commitments will influence our attraction as the employer of choice. We will look to continuously improve, measure and report in subsequent ESG reports.